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CNC Track Design can help you get started!

Want to design your own 1/32 scale CNC routed slot car track?

What are the steps?

Suggest you read Track Design Background.

Suggest you read Scenery Elements.

* Recommend you read the Design Input, which includes a sample Request for Quote.


Click the REQUEST FOR QUOTE button below, complete form and include your available space or table size measurements and input parameters or sketches.  Email to

Note:  The more complete your RFQ, (supply sketches, features, and notes), the more likely your total cost will be reduced!

What makes a CNC Track Design the Best?

Engineering and attention to detail, of course!  See design correlation to slot car vehicle dynamics video link below.

Available Services:

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CAD Track Layout Design

Route Gain and Prep for Paint

We will design your custom 1/32 scale slot car track layout using Siemens NX CAD software.

* Made to fit your room dimensions.

* Made to your sketches or wish list.

Hand routed gain for flush braid to track surface.  Radius and notch ends of each track section for braid.

Track Building Materials

Paint Track and Grooves

Source the MDF, braid/tape, wiring and controller connections.

Target surface finish for improved grip.

CNC Routing

On Site Completion of Assembly

CNC routing of groove and perimeter of each track section.

Build table structure, tune elevations, lay braid and solder connectors, complete wiring, and functional check is offered.        Note:  These services are at a higher per hour rate.


Our goal is to work with you to design the best possible 1/32 scale slot car racing circuit for your hobby space.  By "best" I mean one that results in close wheel-to-wheel racing, has good rhythm that is relatively easy to "learn" so you are racing your competitors at the edge of tractive adhesion, lap after lap, instead of just focusing on how to stay on the track!    


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Take a lap around a CNC routed track and chase a slightly modified Ninco Jaguar.


Your Single Point of Contact:

Patrick Baer

For general questions related to cost, please read the following:


24445 Northwestern Hwy #214

Southfield, MI  48075


Mobile:  (248) 877-3894

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

Thanks for submitting!

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